Technology exploration

Phase 1 - Research and Define

Technology Exploration 

In ever changing digital landscapes, it’s crucial to explore technologies that are current and emerging. We identify technologies that are suitable to support the internal and external customers and processes. To do this, we look at four key stages:

  1. Analyze existing technology infrastructure
  2. Analyze proposed solutions 
  3. Analyze required third-party APIs for development
  4. Documenting non-functional requirements

Along with a thorough technical analysis, we perform a vendor analysis review client-vendor relationship, vendor support agreement, etc. We interface with vendors on your behalf to evaluate if vendor’s technology is scalable, fits in your existing technology stack, negates technical debt, and achieve desired outcomes.

Client Type

  • Mortgage Lenders
  • Credit Unions
  • Start Ups
  • Non Profits


  • Technology Stack Description
  • Technology Infrastructure Diagram
  • Non-functional Requirements Specification
  • Capacity Planning
  • Root Cause Analysis