Why Digital Sherpa

Your digital landscape is a complex, sometimes intimidating, and ever-changing environment.

It’s a place where elements of people, processes, and technology interact with each other to create either harmony or chaos in your business. It’s complicated and you could be in big trouble if you climb the mountain alone.

API, BI, LOS, CRM, SaaS, TES, POS, SSO … just the jargon makes you feel like you need a guide to plan your approach … someone to fix ropes, hexes, and pitons to help you reach peak success in your business.

You need a trusted partner; an experienced guide for your trek to the top. A digital sherpa will help you master the full stack of technology solutions available to make your business processes scalable and agile.

Not just vendors, our digital sherpas think and act holistically on the time-consuming tech challenges you face every day. Indica Digital helps keep you out of trouble; we help keep you out of technical debt.

Engage with Indica Digital’s holistic, strategic process for peak performance of every tool in your digital pack.


Digital Strategy

With so many digital tools and so many vendors, it’s hard to keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape.

Charting your technology course demands a holistic and collaborative approach … the more we know the more effective your tech solutions are for your business. We call this our Digital Strategy Framework.

Partner with your ID Digital Sherpa to employ our 3-prong approach to navigating your technical landscape. Your Digital Strategy Framework creates a knowledge-based plan to get the most out of your people, processes, and technology.

Your Digital Strategy knowledge-based solutions align back-office and front-office operations. Youll be well equipped with the right tools to put you on the right path.

Client Type

  • Mortgage Lenders
  • Credit Unions
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Startups
  • Small Business

Digital Playbook

Based on your Digital Strategy Framework, your Digital Playbook details tactical steps you need to ensure all three elements people, process, and technology work together for seamless solution deployment.

Your ID Digital Sherpa maps out everything to guide your people so they know your business tech and all it can do to help your operation run smoothly. Next, the process is built into every turn to ensure no missteps are taken. We’ll streamline how you serve your customers and stakeholders.

Your ID Digital Sherpa works as your R&D expert to make sure every new tool used is right for your strategy and you dont waste valuable time with trial and error implementing new tech. Your Digital Playbook sets realistic milestones while your digital sherpa finds reliable, affordable solutions to match your budget.

Your Digital Playbook is your travel map to efficiency, effectiveness, and success for your company. Rely on ID Digital Sherpas to equip you well, help you navigate around pitfalls, and guide you to a successful digital landscape trek.

Client Type

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Startups
  • Small Business

Services and Packages

  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Email
  • SEO
  • Video
  • Branding

Systems Integration

Navigating the maze of all things tech and piecing them together for effective solutions can be a daunting challenge. As your guide, your ID Digital Sherpa helps you make sense of the scattered pieces of your organization’s information systems. We help you fit together well-coordinated, cohesive, integrated systems solution. Following your Digital Strategy, your ID Digital Sherpa integrates your organization’s people and processes with existing hardware, software (customized or out-of-box), and communications systems. Youll improve working relationships with customers and stakeholders. Youll increase work-flow efficiency. Plus, youll keep your operational costs in line.

Your ID Digital Sherpa is your valued partner and systems integrator with the expertise and skill you need to assemble all the varied tech pieces into an efficient and thriving digital ecosystem.

Client Type

  • Mortgage Lenders
  • Credit Unions

Products and Services

  • Hubspot CRM integration and pipeline setup
  • Closing packaging for warehouse banks

  • eDocs integration
  • Business Processing Automation

Case Studies

Nalo - Business Intelligence as a Service

 Checking for landmarks, watching the weather, tracking steps, and inspecting gearinformation the mountaineer needs to keep an eye on while climbing. Likewise, your digital landscape is so cluttered with data it can be hard to keep moving forward.

Nalo is the perfect tool to keep your operation on the right path. Youll watch key performance indicators and metrics to ensure your business runs smoothly and portfolio managed throughly. Customize and set up your BI Dashboard with trackable data points and give your team all the right information at the right time they need it to make good, informed decisions.

Improve your operations efficiencies & effectiveness, and portfolio management with real-time digital landscape Business Intelligence.

Client Type

  • Mortgage Lenders
  • Credit Unions
  • Commercial Mortgage Banks


Digital Toolkit

In order to position yourself to innovate and change to the ever-changing digital landscape, you have to think agile. Our digital toolkit is a set of activities and capabilities that enable us to collaborate with internal and external stakeholders in iterative phasis that rapidly produces solutions that are lean and promotes scalability.  

Phase 1 - Research and Define


User Research

User Research

Change management

Change Management


Process requirements gathering

Process Requirements Gathering

Process analysis and mapping

Process Analysis and Mapping


Technology exploration

Technology Exploration

Phase 2 - Ideate and Strategy


User feedback loops

User Feedback Loops


Business Process design

Business Process Design

Business Process optimization

Business Process Optimization

Business Process orchestration

Business Process Orchestration


Data analysis

Data Analysis

Scenario based planning

Scenario Based Planning

Technology roadmap

Technology Roadmap

Phase 3 - Design and Prototype


Tech stack design

Tech Stack Design

API architecture and specification

API Architecture and Specification

Data engineering

Data Engineering

MVP Design and development

MVP Design and Development

Phase 4 - Test and Implementation


Process improvement/optimization

Process Improvement/ Optimization

Process automation

Process Automation


Web development

Web Development

Web-app development

Web App Development

Quality assurance

Quality Assurance