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Budget Web Development

Whether it’s your first company website or if you are looking for a simply, manageable, and feasible website solution, we utilize WordPress to deliver your site. WordPress is the easiest blogging and website content management system and is ideal for e-commerce sites. New to WordPress, or don’t think you are technical enough to understand how to use it? Don’t fret, we provide new clients with helpful resource to catch them up to speed on how to manage their website using WordPress.

Our services include: 

Custom Web Development

For those who want an upgrade of their website presence and offer their clients a immersive user experience, we offer full stack web development. We implement web application to address the needs of users across all device platforms, delivering the desired customer experience. Our clients needs and constraints are different. Therefore, we provide our clients with flexible solutions and roadmaps that meet their unique needs while paving the way for the future.

Our services include: 

Web Applications/API Integration

We help our client deploy tailored strategies for their website. This includes designing custom web applications to drive an immersive user experience and engagement for your visitors, across all platform devices. We also integrate 3rd party, open source web applications into websites.

Indica Digital has experience with API integrations for popular 3rd party services and social media platforms. APIs are great way to connect traffic to your site and to collect data shared online and allowing your users to authenticate themselves on your site with other digital services.

Our clients are provided with documentations that clearly defines best practices techniques that are superior to alternatives and specific to their business objectives and long term growth.  These documents also include maintenance procedures and performance metrics.

Popular Web Applications:
  • Drip – email marketing automation for e-commerce 
  • Zapier – automation tool for multiple apps 
  • HubSpot – developer and marketer of software products for inbound marketing and sales
  • MailChimp – marketing automation platform and an email marketing service 
  • Disqus – messaging and voice services, plus more
  • Stripe – payment processing 
  • Disqus – embedded webpage comments
  • Twilio – cloud communications platform for building SMS, Voice & Messaging applications
Popular APIs: