NewCastle Home Loans offers a case that illustrates how, with clever use of APIs, the limitations of MLM and other software suites can be not just overcome, but turned to advantages.

NewCastle had invested in HubSpot, implementing its workflow and task management tools to monitor loan quality, and administer its loan pipeline. While HubSpot’s useful tools offered a return on that investment, its lack of integration with MLM was generating work for team members, and costing the firm money. Sales staff was wasting time hunting through indices in LQB, management lacked a live view into sales operations, sales/marketing and operations teams were unable to communicate effectively: this gap between HubSpot and MLM had created a systemic defect in the firm that permeated its people, process and technology.

A plan was devised that sought not to resolve the inefficiency caused by the LQB-HubSpot rift, but to maximize the system’s overall operational efficiency. At the core of this optimization was a specialized suite of APIs, created after defining precisely which MLM data points sales staff require to originate a loan with HubSpot. The APIs formed a lossless, fully-automated data bridge between the two programs, enabling MLM to feed data directly into HubSpot, and removing the need for a human to do so. Finally, NewCastle’s specific deal stages were analyzed to create an interface that allowed its loan officers and management teams live visibility into the status and progress of any deal.

In an instant, the experience the firm offers its staff was profoundly enriched, as hundreds upon hundreds of hours of monotonous clerical tedium were made obsolete. NewCastle customers also enjoy an enhanced experience, with faster and more efficient service from happier loan officers who can focus on servicing their customers, and let the technology handle the busywork.

With their custom HubSpot-MLM integration, NewCastle enjoys fast, easy and error-free origination, and seamless cross-team collaboration.