Our Approach

Our approach is simple, yet effective


This is how our clients can expect to engage with us.

1. We Listen

We’ll spend an hour to explore the digital needs of your company and uncover the requirements for your website. This will help us discover your customer needs, opportunities, business goals, and ensuring your websites is scalable. 

What you’ll need to get started (but not mandatory) is:
• Your Logo (PDF, EPS or high res JPEG if possible)
• Hosting Login (hosting account and/or Cpanel login)
• Current Website Login (if currently a WordPress site)
• Images or any new pictures you’d like to use for the new site
• Brand style guide, colors 
This information can be added via Google Drive or Dropbox

2. Design Solution 

 With your unique business requirements in mind, we do exhaustive research to find the best solutions for your requirements. We use research and our knowledge to create a scope of work (SOW) which details the features, functionality, tools, and estimation for your site. This is our clients opportunity to share with us additional information and business requirements, which they can via webinar/teleconference or in person.

3. Advise

We’ll share with you your best options for implementing the right solution for your business and come to an agreement on the SOW.  We will outline the activities, timeframes, define reachable milestones, and choose the best method of payment option. From this point on, we will use Slack for communication and Trello for project management. 

4. Execute

Development Process

A large portion of website design is in the layout, structure and design of the site. We’ll create the framework of the website and will send the homepage and a sub-page for approval. Additionally, we’ll move forward with adding functionality and responsive design code. Clients should expect deliverabled (as defined in the SOW) to ensure the project is running smoothly and as expected.


Preparing for Launch

Once the site is ready to go live, well will back it up and save it locally. Your site may take between 24-48 hours to propagate on all DNS servers. Your website login credentials will be sent to you via email to ensure the security of your passwords. We highly recommend that you save all login credentials for your records. We are not responsible for providing lost passwords. Once completed, you’ll receive exclusive access to client specific resources and information on our Maintenance Plan, which we highly recommend to our clients.