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Business Processing

What We Do

Business Processing

What is Business Processing Automation?

Why settle for many manual tasks when they can be automated? To keep it simple, business processing automation (BPA) is the process of automating your business tasks from multiple departments that were traditionally done manually. BPA aims to drive efficiency, provide transparency, and facilitate compliance for repeatable processes. BPA also identifies where automation helps things to move faster while reducing errors and delivering results. Some examples of BPA include forwarding and transferring data, sending notifications, and extracting information from databases.

Why Do You Need Business Processing Automation?

BPA identifies parts of processes better handled by systems and machines in an effort to help boost efficiency and productivity. With an automated information system, you can make more time to focus on the tasks that matter most while leveraging human capital and intelligence. Due to this, staff are free to work on tasks that require their current skill-sets while also being afforded time to adopt new ones. This helps to make processes more cost-efficient, streamlined, error-proof, and transparent.

At Indica Digital, we believe that your time and energy are of the most importance to both your business and your bottom line. As a result, we aim to save you time, save you money, and save you resources. With automated processes in place, we will ensure that best practices are implemented to improve both operational efficiency and employee satisfaction.

How Do We Approach Business Processing Automation?

Our approach to business processing automation entails automating your workflows by clearly defining the goals of automating processes while helping you to visualize the outcome. Through collaborating with end users, managers, and stakeholders to create a business process diagram (BPD), we automate to optimize resource-intensive, multi-department processes.

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Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

What is Digital Marketing Strategy?

In today’s marketplace, digital marketing strategy often serves as the axis behind any successful brand story. It is more than just an approach, it is a philosophy. Digital marketing strategy helps businesses use the internet to achieve their growth objectives while leveraging their online presence to connect, engage, and add value to current and future users of their products and services.

Why Do You Need Digital Marketing Strategy?

Digital marketing strategy is the cornerstone of extending your brands reach into the hearts and minds of consumers. It allows you to identify and meet consumers in the online environments where they congregate and frequent the most. Unlike the operational limitations you may encounter while interfacing with consumers in the physical space, the digital space allows for a rapid expansion of business opportunities at scale.

How Do We Approach Digital Marketing Strategy?

Our approach to digital marketing strategy begins with research. In order for us to best service you as a partner, we must understand the behaviors, desires, and pain points of your customers and employees. Once we identify the internal and external drivers of both your customers and employees, we can then develop a digital marketing strategy specifically tailored to address their needs and wants throughout all touch points of their user experience. From internal functions and back office operations within your business to marketing, branding, and technology solutions, we craft a clear roadmap that orchestrates all relevant digital channels and tactics into one actionable plan.

Our Expertise


We use the data we collected from our research to collaborate with your team to
map out the customer journey, layered with insights and opportunity areas at
every key touchpoint of the journey.

■ Ecosystem Mapping
■ Customer Journey Mapping
■ Customer Engagement Roadmap Creation
■ Service Design
■ Technology Stack Design
■ Marketing & Ad Campaign Design
■ Email Marketing Strategy


We outline tailored multi-channel solutions for your customer’s entire journey (pre, during, and post). We rely on our extensive network to ensure that your strategy makes it into fruition.

■ UX/UI design – website
■ Visual communication design
■ User testing
■ Prototyping
■ Content & Copywriting production
■ Engineering/Development


Now that your strategy has been deployed, we work with you to ensure you focus on the right metrics that measure growth and establish feedback loops for continuous improvements and to time scalability.

■ Analytics
■ Optimizing Strategies
■ Maintenance


We understand that you and your team are self reliant and capable of handling the backend work but might not have the time to do the user research or expertise to strategize. For this being, we check in with your team on a weekly basis to ensure your still on the right path, or stay accord to the strategy we created for you, understand metrics and distilling the meaning of the data into actionable goals or to ensure you’re reaching your goals. As well as looking for opportunities to
enhance your user experience and to drive new revenue.

■ Analysis
■ Optimizing strategies

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