Client Resources

We empower our clients with resources tailored for their needs

Client Resources

If a client chooses to manage their own site after its been developed, we provide our clients with helpful, self service resources explaining best practices for updating and promoting their website. We create documents explaining the ins and outs of your websites architecture, making it easy to transition site management and maintenance to another web development firm or in house development team.  Services include:

Wordpress 101

WordPress is the leading content management system in the world. WordPress enabled sites will come equipped with helpful information, e.g. navigating the cPanel, adding, removing, updating plugins, etc.

New site walk thrU videos

We promise to never pass over your new website without guidence on how to manage it. Once you site is ready for production, we produce a taylor video specific to your website, which features the best practices for maintaining and updating your site.

Customer specific documentation

In addition to new site walk through videos, we provide our clients with helpful documentations that features useful tips and tricks for upkeeping and updating thier site.



WordPress Theme Providers

ElegantThemes – You can get access to all of their exclusive themes and latest updates for a yearly subscription fee. With a developer’s license, you can use these themes on as many client’s sites as you would like – remember to keep your license API secured. You can get updates for ever by purchasing the Lifetime Package.


WooThemes – Themes can be purchase separately or jointly for a discounted fee. One year of updates and support are included. These themes can be reused on as many client website as you choose.

Photo Editing Tools

  • Adobe Photoshop – The Premier of all photo editing tools.
  • GIMP – The free alternative to Photoshop for Mac OSX