Who We Are

Our Story

As the founders of Indica Digital, Tracy Francis and Kaustubh Ghadge befriended one another while taking a business and innovation class at Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, IL. While at Illinois Tech, both Tracy and Kaustubh realized that they shared a common interest in regards to a love for culture, entrepreneurship, food, global affairs, and philosophy.

With a passion for overcoming challenges and creating something of their own, Tracy and Kaustubh sought out to provide business owners who lacked efficient digital services with the insight and tools needed to overcome digital challenges and drive optimal results. Ultimately, this would give emergence to what we know today as Indica Digital.

“We value simplicity and transparency when it comes to providing our partners with information.”

– Kaustubh Ghadge

Our Name

The origin of the name “Indica” is derived from the first three letters of India and the last three letters of Jamaica. In unison, “Indica” symbolizes the friendship and partnership between both Kaustubh, who is of Indian descent, and Tracy, who is of Jamaican descent.

“We value being partners with the people we work with.”

– Tracy Francis

Our Values

As a purpose driven company, Indica Digital values integrity, passion, and collaboration. These values are what empower Indica Digital to use technology to drive efficiencies, exceed expectations to find solutions, and create highly transformational relationships with all of their partners through delivering premium digital services.


We are honest and transparent when communicating with our partners about what we do, what we offer, and what they can expect from us. We use technology to drive efficiencies that are both effective and affordable, while prescribing solutions which are sustainable with the growth of future technology.


With a love for what we do, we always seek to exceed expectations in an effort to find solutions to our partners most difficult challenges. When you have a problem, we have a problem. Our mission is to always find a solution and unveil revenue driven opportunities and enhancements.


Through collaboration, we are able to discover and identify the possible pathways toward finding the most optimal solutions for our partners. In doing so, we are able to craft a cohesive user experience which further develops customer centric value points, while also enabling us to learn more about our partners overall business.

Essentially, we believe in the power of creating highly transformational relationships with the entrepreneurs, companies, and organizations which we serve.


Indica Digital, LLC is a trusted MBE and DBE certified tier 2 vendor and subcontractor that provides cost-effective web application, processing automation, and systems integration services to federal and state government agencies, independent mortgage banks, and 501c(3)s. We service our partners with the internal and external customer in mind.

NAICS Codes:

518210: Automated data processing services
541512: Office automation computer systems integration design services
541511: Application software programming services, custom computer
551511: WEB (i.e., internet) page design services, custom

NIGP Codes:

92027: E-Commerce Software Development Services
92040: Programming Services, Computer
92039: Processing System Services, Data (Not Otherwise Classified)

PSC Codes:

D302 Automatic Data Processing Systems Development
D307 Automated Information System Design and Integration Services
D308 Automatic Data Processing Programming Services


Illinois SBSP (Small Business Set-Aside Program)
MBE: City of Chicago, State of Illinois, NMSDC: CH14594
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise – Metra

DUNS: 08-112-8276

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