Budget Web Development

Quick, affordable, and attractive design. Excellent for non-profits, start-ups, and entrepreneurs.

Custom Web Development

Design from the ground up to match your unique needs. Perfect for mid-to-large companies.

Web App/API Integration

Expand the functionality of your site with intelligently designed web applications and robust API integrations.


Our services provides an approach that is simple, yet effective for all clients of different backgrounds.

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About Indica Digital

Integrity. Passion. Collaboration.

Indica Digital is a digital strategy firm that uses design thinking [human-centered] and technology to solve problems while creating a more efficient and streamlined workflow process for the customers and employees of home mortgage lenders, government, and nonprofits.

Through leveraging technology to drive efficiencies, exceeding expectations to find solutions, and creating highly transformational relationships with all of their partners, Indica Digital delivers premium digital services to find the most optimal solution pathways for the clients and partners alike.